American Burqa - Story
American Burqa


'American Burqa' is a docudrama focusing on issues pertinent to the recent crisis in Afghanistan. A day - long peek into the life of three American women in the midst of Chicago's hustle & bustle.

'American Burqa' tries to show a token of the pain all Afghani women have experienced over the past five-six years, to three American women, personally. In doing so, we asked three women of different cultures and artistic talent to participate in this documentary.

Chesere, a singer who is African-American, shared her life on a day when she was laid off from her job at the International Antique Center, where she was working to support herself while pursuing her musical career in the evenings.

Renee McGinnis  is White American who as an artist and graphic designer works at WGN(TV Channel 9 News) part-time, so she can devote time to her painting. On the day we filmed she had a showing of her work at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Maya Tatiana is a Spanish-American who earns her living as a Flamenco dancer, and teaches at the old Town School of Folk Music. Each of the women consented to have us film portions of their professional lives, their personal lives, and later to share an artistic piece they created in response to their experience under the burqa.